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Harvesting Instructions

In order to carry out most of the routine analyzes, it is necessary for the person to fast. It is advisable to fast between 10 and 12 hours before harvesting.

See also other specific instructions:

Urine II

Aseptic Urine (Uroculture)

Aseptic Urine (Uroculture)

Urine 24h

Aseptic Urine (Uroculture) Children

Vaginal Exudate

Urethral Exudate


Sperm culture

Parasitological Examination (Stool)

Hidden Blood Survey (Stool)





Instruções Inicio

Urine II

1- Preferably collect the first morning urine.

2-Take the collection to a tube / glass provided in the laboratory or to a glass or plastic container, very clean and dry, with a lid (ex: small water bottle). Do not use bottles or jars of soft drinks, syrups or jams.

3-Before urination, wash and dry the genital area.

4-Urinate the first part of the urine into the container and discard the rest. Close the container and deliver it to the Laboratory.


Aseptic Urine (Uroculture)

Urina Asseptica

Collect the first morning urine, if impossible, collect urine after two hours without urinating. Never collect urine from bedpan, urinal or bag of water.

Crop of the medium jet:

1-Before starting the harvest, perform hygienic hand washing.

2-With water and soap (do not use other products as they may alter the result) wash the genitals.

3-Start urination for the toilet and in the middle of urination collect the urine into a sterile wide mouth container provided by the Laboratory.

4-Cap and deliver to the Laboratory as soon as possible within 2 hours after harvest. If it is not possible, it should be placed in the refrigerator.

Aseptic Urine (Uroculture)

Urina Asseptica Algaliados

1-Clamp the catheter for 10 to 15 minutes. After disinfecting the puncture site, aspirate with a needle and syringe. Transfer the urine to a sterile collector.

2-Send to the Laboratory preferably within the next 2 hours. If this is not possible, keep in the refrigerator and deliver within a maximum of 8 hours.

Urine 24 hours

Urina 24h

1- On the day the collection begins, you must reject the 1st morning urine and take note of the time.

2- Collect all the Urine that you make up to the same time of the following day in an appropriate container provided by the Laboratory or in a plastic container (ex .: 1.5L or 5L water bottle), very clean and dry.

3- Throughout the day the container must be well covered and kept in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator.

4- All urine collected during the 24 hours must be delivered to the Laboratory.

Aseptic Urine (Uroculture) Children

Urina Asseptica Crianças

Use pediatric urine collection bag.

Carefully wash the external genitals with soap and water, avoiding disinfectants. Completely remove the soap with plenty of warm water.

Fix the urine collection bag.

Send to the Laboratory preferably 2 hours after harvest. If this is not possible, keep it in the refrigerator a maximum of 8 hours before delivery.

Vaginal Exudate

Exsudado Vaginal

To perform this exam, the user MUST NOT:

1- Be in the 3 days preceding the harvest (preferably one week) therapy with:

-antibiotics or oral anti-fungals

-ovuli, creams or gels for intra-vaginal application

2-Have sex in the 2 days preceding the harvest

3-Being menstruating

On the day of the harvest, the user should wash only with abundant water and soap (other products may alter the result).

Exsudado Uretral

Urethral Exudate

1-The harvest should preferably be performed 3 hours after the first morning urine.

2-You must not carry out any type of local treatment in the 3 days preceding the harvest.

3-You must be in abstinence during the 2 days preceding the harvest.



1-Make collection after 2 to 7 days of sexual abstinence to a sterile collector

2- The sample must be delivered to the Laboratory 30 minutes after collection (maximum 1 hour after collection), being transported close to the body (to keep the sample temperature as close to 37ºC as possible.

Sperm culture


1-Make the collection after previous hygiene of the genitals.

2-The sample can be kept at room temperature and delivered to the Laboratory within a maximum period of 12 hours after collection.

Parasitological Examination (Stool)

Exame Parasitologico

During the 5 days preceding the harvest, you should not take purgatives or laxatives

During collection, you should avoid contamination of the stool sample with water, disinfectants or urine.

1-Collect a walnut-sized portion into a sterile container provided by the Laboratory.

2-Keep the feces in the refrigerator until delivery to the Laboratory.

Hidden Blood Search (Stool)


Do not perform the collection if bleeding due to hemorrhoids or menstrual period is suspected.

1-Place the stool sample (the size of a walnut is enough) in a sterile container provided by the Laboratory.

2-Store the feces in the refrigerator. Deliver samples no later than 7 days after collection.



Avoid contamination of the stool sample with water, disinfectants or urine.

1-Place the stool sample (the size of a walnut is enough) in a sterile container.

2- Send the sample on the same day of the collection, as soon as possible. If it is not possible on the same day, store the sample in the refrigerator.



In Urine 24 Hours

Deliver the entire volume of 24-hour urine to the Laboratory, which should be collected in accordance with the general instructions (See here )

In Occasional Urine

Preferably deliver the first morning urine in a container provided by the laboratory



Collect in the morning after nasal and oral hygiene with water only.

1-Collect the sputum resulting from a deep cough into a sterile container provided by the Laboratory.

2-Do not send samples with saliva or runny nose. Deliver to the Laboratory as soon as possible.

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Harvest Marking



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